Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why I voted for M.A.N. Tests?

Yesterday I published on my site that I consider Marc-Andre Nydegger's tests to be the best IQ tests known to me. Now I also want to explain my reasons.

1) I liked those tests on the first sight.
2) My scores on Numerical and Spatial subtests of NIT-Form I were very close to expected values.
3) Marc is an Elite Genius member of Real IQ Society.
4) M.A.N. Tests Quality Matrix confirms that this story is not only about my feelings.

I started ambitiously with LSHR, Numerus and Triplex achieving only 50% high range quality. With Light and Classic tests I improved this to 60% quality. In my premium class tests I hope for a 70% quality. And this young man from Switzerland achieved that with his first tests. Well done, Marc-Andre!